The sounds of Advent

Yesterday should have been a Music Monday, but unfortunately I am a day behind. So today is Music Tuesday. :) If you've read this blog before, or know me at all, I love music. It is one of the ways God most speaks to me. So, during Advent, music is one of the most important aspects of my observation of this season. Music that speaks to the coming of Christ, music that acknowledges the tension between present and future, music that explores both joy and sadness.

So what am I listening to?

The Brilliance - They released an Advent EP last year, which I loved. And then they released another one this year. It is beautiful. These are mostly all original songs, so for me, they expand and enlarge my heart -- I am hearing something different, and somehow, it teaches me to listen for something different.

Willow Creek's Advent Project - The worship leaders at Willow Creek have produced a four-week Advent resource: four 8-10 minute recordings that move through music, scripture and reflection. Each week they post a new one, and they are available to download for free. I've listened to the first, "Mary's Song," several times already.

l've also made an Advent playlist on Spotify. You can listen below, or go to Spotify and subscribe!

What kind of music are you listening to this season? I'd love to hear about some of your favorites.

And just so you know, I am still listening to tons of traditional Christmas music. Advent does not mean a season of only reflection -- it is also a time for joy and celebration. Don't be afraid to listen to "Rockin around the Christmas Tree" one hour and then "Mary's Song" the next. It's part of the depth and width of this season!