The in-between day

InBetweenDay Holy Saturday. The in-between. The waiting. The tension and the unknowing. The thick, dark, time between the death and the resurrection of Christ.

I've always passed over this day year after year... as just another day. But this year, I've been pondering what that day would have felt like for the disciples and those who knew Jesus best. But I've also been pondering what this day means for me, for us.

I enjoy the glory and praise of Palm Sunday, and long for the joy and triumphant shouts of Easter... but I feel like the majority of my days, our days, are spent somewhere in between. Between moments of great glory, there are days of waiting, unknowing, uncertainty. We spend days, sometimes years, waiting and hoping for the fulfillment of a promise or a dream. Our deliverance can begin in a moment, and yet take years to unfold. There is a lot of time waiting; a lot of time in process.

And so I'm pondering this Holy Saturday, this day between the Cross and the Resurrection, and what it means for us as Easter people.