My next step

For those of you who don't know, the last several months have been ones of transition for me. Lots of changes and unknowns. Clarity and confidence to take a step in a different direction, but not sure where it would lead. After months of praying and wrestling with God, I decided to leave my job as the communications director at King's Park. This church has been my home for the last seven years, but I felt like my time serving there was drawing to a close. So, on June 30th, I finished my last day at King's Park, not knowing what was next, not having a job lined up, not having anything in particular to do on July 1. An opportunity had indeed presented itself to me, but it didn't quite fit into what I had envisioned for this change. It wasn't what I expected. But, I am confident that God's plans for me are far better than what I could choose for myself. And He has already demonstrated that He can surprise me with unexpected things, people and great joy.

So, I am super excited to say that in less than a month, after seven awesome years in North Carolina, I will be moving. I'm headed back to the great Commonwealth of Virginia to become the Director of Communications and Media at Grace Covenant Church, in Chantilly, Va. I'll get to continue doing the things I love -- writing, connecting on social media, telling stories and creating awesome things -- for a growing church in the larger DC area. I'll be working with a great team of people. And Grace Covenant is in the same network of churches as King's Park (Every Nation), so it feels like I'm just going to work with my cousins or something ;)

While this was unexpected, and kind of out of left field, this is my next step. And I have such great joy and peace about it.

So this is my bittersweet news. Leaving a place that I call home, a church that has changed my life, and friends I love dearly, and embracing a new job, a new community, and this next stage in my life adventure.

Here we go! I'm excited for the days ahead.