Love Does

I read this book back in the Fall, but am just now getting to posting a review of it. (I received a free copy of the book through Booksneeze, a blogging program through Thomas Nelson). That being said, it was one of my favorite reads from 2012. So check it out! love_does_bob_goff

A lot has been said about this book, and Goff, since it came out. Many, like myself, first heard of Goff in Donald Miller's writing. The stories Miller told of Goff fascinated me, and I wanted to meet this guy. I mean, he had his kids write letters to leaders of countries, inviting them to a sleepover! That is awesome.

So, when this book came out, I was excited to read it. And I wasn't disappointed. Written in a conversational style, Goff recounts 30 stories of his radical and unusual life as a disciple of Jesus. He embraced many years ago this idea that "love does" and so he has set out to love people, all around him, in very practical and hilarious ways.

Goff writes about adventure, and being present, and loving sacrificially, and having fun and embracing whimsy. While I might not be able to do some of the things he talked about in his book, he did inspire me to live a more love-in-action life, and to enjoy it to its fullest. It's pushed me to be more present, to be more about people than plans, and to embrace the chaos, change and adventure of life.

Go check out the book. I think you might enjoy it.

โ€œI used to be afraid of failing at something that really mattered to me, but now I'm more afraid of succeeding at things that don't matter.โ€ - Bob Goff