Lent started this past Wednesday. I am not quite as fascinated with Lent as I am with Advent (perhaps because of the traditions associated with Lent -- fasting, penitence, prayer, etc.) But, this season has existed for years and years (since the 4th century) in the Church calendar. And I think that I, and we as believers, have much to learn from the Church's history and observance of this season. Running from Ash Wednesday to triumphant Easter Sunday, Lent is a season marked by introspection, fasting, prayer and service.

But it is not only about self-denial. It's not simply about "giving up" this or that. It's about letting go of that which is harmful, for that which is good and beneficial. Or maybe it's even about letting go of that which is good, so that we can grab hold of what is best. It's a season of less of us, and more of Christ.

So, over these next five weeks as we approach Easter -- the glorious moment that defines our faith -- I will be posting thoughts, quotes, and readings on Lent.

I invite you to join me on this journey. You don't have to "give up" something. But you can devote these next weeks as a season set apart unto God -- a season where you'll look inward a little more. ย A season where you might pray a few more times than usual to "know Christ and His sufferings." A season marked by more time spent in prayer and in His word. A season of keeping company with Christ.

I am praying for you and for me, that in this season, we will know Christ more deeply than we have before.