Learning to live the Easter season

SpringFlowers For me, Easter has always been a one-day celebration. Perhaps a weekend celebration, at best. The last couple years, working at a church, Easter is a huge day marked by a valley afterwards. Monday is a day off, and then Tuesday comes, and it’s back into the normal rhythm of things. We said everything changed, but has anything really changed?

But now, as I am beginning to give myself over more and more to the church calendar, and the church rhythms, I am exploring this idea of Eastertide.

Eastertide. This entire season, of celebration, of feasting, in the time after Easter and before Pentecost. Because Easter isn’t just a day that raises things and improves things and fixes things back to the way things were before. No. It’s a day where everything was made new in an instant, and a day where a promise was given that everything would one day be made new again.

Now, I am really really good at being melancholy. I am great at introspection, and super good at penitence (read, beating myself up). And so Lent has always been a season I just naturally got. As soon as I was old enough, I was observing Shrove Tuesday (because pancakes) and then plodding through Lent. I understand that season. But an entire season devoted to joy? To celebration???

Although my allergies are keeping me from breathing, and I am still wired as a melancholy, introverted human, I am determining to give myself to this present season: to this season of Easter, and to this season of new life. I am determining to surrender to the joy of Easter, and to learn the art of celebration.

And so I'm asking, what would it look like to live as easter people for fifty days? To celebrate from Easter to Pentecost? To not just sing “Christ the Lord is risen today” on Easter Sunday, but to sing it everyday? To speak, each day, Christ IS risen?