Here we go again...

This is not my first journey into the blogging realm.  I have kept two different blogs -- one for my time spent in Argentina and one for my month in Nicaragua this summer. But I have realized recently that I have a need to communicate my thoughts and my feelings -- about what I am reading or learning or doing or growing.  My mind is always ticking and  I think that sometimes my head begins to hurt when I stop processing stuff out.

So here begins my blog...

I have put off this blog for days/weeks/maybe even months because I could not come up with a suitable title.  Words mean the world to me -- they are powerful, and with them we can speak life or death.  And so to come up with a flippant combination of words that would be suitable just wasn't cutting it.

I thought about it for a while, but all of my brainstorming kept coming back to one of my favorite words-- grace.  Grace is truly one of the last good words we have left.   One of the last words that when used now still retains some of the original meaning and beauty of when it was first used.  We live in a postmodern culture, in which words quickly lose their value.  But grace is still -- grace.  (Phillip Yancey writes about this in What's So Amazing About Grace).

I don't know exactly what I'll be writing about on here -- but I would guess it'll be a mix of life, theology (whoah), music, and any other stuff I may be doing or learning.

So here it goes -- stepping back into the world of blogging.  Hopefully this won't fizzle out.