Fresh coffee and fresh grace

Yesterday morning, I did what I always do. I rolled out of bed, dragged myself half asleep to the shower, then put on a bathrobe, and went to the kitchen, to make a fresh pot of coffee. I opened the coffee maker lid, took out the used filter and grounds, and threw it away. And then I took the pot, dumped out the dregs from the day before, rinsed the pot out, and filled the maker back up with cold water and fresh grounds.

And I'm fairly convinced that I don't function until I've had at least a cup in the morning. Two cups, I'm able to smile. An entire to-go mug, and then I'm good to go. I am by no means a coffee connoisseur -- but I don't drink crappy coffee. And I most certainly would never consider just heating up the old coffee from the day before, and drinking that.

And that got me thinking -- every morning, I go to my kitchen for a fresh pot of coffee -- but how often do I neglect going to God for a fresh dose of grace and mercy and help? I would never drink the coffee from the morning before, and yet so many times, I try to rely on day-old grace. I walk out my door and go to work trying to exist and run on the grace that was there the day before.

I'm not doing that any more. I'm tired of drinking from the dregs of God's grace. He promises new mercies, new grace every single waking day of our lives -- and I want to drink it in.