Five Things, No. 5

I'm back! Of course I'd write two really intense posts about depression and life, etc., and then go MIA for a few weeks. Life has just been REALLY FULL. In good ways, and in hard ways. But mostly good.

Five things you should read, watch or just know about this week:

1. Kendi (of ubiquitous Kendi Everyday fame) wrote a moving blog post about some of her struggles with anxiety and depression. I so appreciate her bravery in sharing. Along the same lines, "Freefall to Fly," by Rebekah Lyons, is a recent read that I really enjoyed. She tells her story of moving to Manhattan to pursue a dream, and then being crippled by anxiety and panic attacks. Worth a read!

2. Buzzfeed published a list of books you should read in your twenties. It's a long, extensive list. And in a similar, yet totally different vein, Relevant Magazine published its own list (only ten books). It's a great list. Have you read any of those books? Are there any that you would add?

3. This video from Q Ideas is humbling and inspiring: "Humility in the Time of Me" from David Brooks

4. My friends have discipled me well, and taught me to become an Arrested Development fan. I am 4 episodes away from finishing the show (I started it 3ish weeks ago...) And needless to say, I am very excited for Season 4 on Netflix! And this visual representation of the running jokes is amazing.

5. Two articles I think are worth reading, regarding the ethics of child sponsorship and adoption. The first: a 6-country study has found that child sponsorship is ethical and works. And second, Jen Hatmaker wrote a great blog post about the ethics of adoption.

That's all for this week! Happy weekending. I'm geeking out tonight and going to see Star Trek! :)