expanding upon the previous post...

i can't stand ministries/preachers/theology/messages/books that presume to know what the end is going to look like.  or worse, presume to know when it will come. i know of several ministries that are caught up in a twisted eschatalogy, one that is based off just 2 or 3 verses in scripture... that sometimes aren't even interpreted correctly.    eschatology is just a fancy word for: study or views on future events (like the end of the world)

and there are preachers and ministries out there that claim something to the effect of:  Jesus is coming back within the next 20 years.

there are several problems with this, but namely:

what happens in year 21,  when, after years of preaching that Jesus is most surely coming back within 20 years, he doesn't?  consciously or unconsciously, believers "following" said preachers or theology are in some way building their lives -- their ministry, their jobs, their family, their relationships-- around the fact that in 20 years, Jesus will have come back.  it teaches believers to build for the short term not the long haul,  when truly our lives and our following Jesus is a long obedience in the same direction.  (see Eugene Peterson)

i fear that some sincere men and women of God, sincere ministries, are tagging a time-limit onto Jesus' return.  admittedly, the reward could be good, but i think the risk is fatal.

why, if  i KNOW Jesus is to come back in 5 years, would i bother getting married, having children, getting a degree, getting a "normal" job (not "full-time ministry") --- when there are so many more "urgent" things -- like getting people saved or praying all the time or what have you.  why bother with discipleship, when i could just try and convert as many people as possible?  why fight for justice, when it "will all be over" in just a short while?

i don't want believers who are swept up in this thinking to throw in the towel come year 21.  i don't want to be driven by a fear-filled urgency, i want to be driven by love.  i don't want to run around making converts, i want to make disciples.  i want to fight for justice, see the slave set free, see the orphan and widow cared for, and in so doing, bring just a little piece of heaven down to earth.

just some thoughts -- please realize this is stuff i'm wrestling with, working out...