Come with your doubts and disbelief

Communion_blog Over the last few days, as I was reading through the stories leading up to Jesus' crucifixion, I was struck by something new, something I hadn't noticed before. At the Last Supper, Judas and Peter are there.

The men who would betray Jesus, would deny him, would disobey him, were there to share in his last meal. The Word says that Jesus knew in advance who would betray him. He knew that Judas would sell him out with a kiss. And Jesus knew that Peter would revert back to being Simon, and would deny him.

And yet, Jesus still dined with them.

I'm thankful for this truth today, that even doubting, disbelieving and disobedient men were invited to the Table. Jesus still broke bread and shared the cup with them.

So, come, oh doubting one. Come, with your doubts and your disbelief. The body and blood has been given for you, too.