Advent Music -- The Brilliance

I've posted some about more traditional Advent music, but this week I want to share one of my favorite newer albums: Advent, Vol. 1, by The Brilliance.

Growing up in the Episcopal church, I have a deep appreciation for the church calendar and the rich liturgy. Inherent in liturgy is the idea of storytelling, of narrative. Liturgy helps situate us in the larger Story. It moves us out of our selfishness, our individual stories and lives, and weaves us into the global and historical story of Jesus and His church.

Much of modern worship music is absent of this storytelling. However, more musicians and bands are honoring the Story, and creating a kind of "new liturgy" -- one that teaches us to honor our past, but shows the way forward. The Brilliance is one of those bands creating music that tells the Story.

This month they released an album for Advent, the first in a series of EPs. The music narrates the story of Christ and his light breaking into our dark world. It is beautifully sacred.

You can listen to some of the songs here or you can buy it on iTunes here. Check it out! You won't be disappointed.