Advent is here. The last two years, I've posted frequently throughout the course of the Advent season -- my favorite liturgical season. I grew up Episcopalian, and I'm now an evangelical. But I see so much value in this ancient church season, that I try to incorporate it into my Christmas celebration each year.

A week ago, Glenn Packhiam, a pastor at New Life Church in Colorado Springs, wrote an excellent blog post about Advent. One of the things that most resonated with me was the idea of finding a new rhythm -- one that gives space and time for Christ to come in and speak. He suggests three categories (of reading, praying and simplifying) to help establish a new rhythm.

To get in a new rhythm, and make more room for Christ this season, this is what I am doing:

1) Reading -- Packhiam mentioned how he reads 1 or 2 books that focus on the coming of Christ, and then some fiction that "awakens his heart to new worlds." I am still thinking through what I'll try and read, but if you have any suggestions, I am open!

2) Praying -- I am using a devotional from Richard Rohr, and some writings from Dietrich Bonhoeffer, to steer my time with God.

3) Simplifying -- I'm not going to watch TV by myself this season. No netflix, no movies home alone.  I know this isn't Lent, and I don't necessarily need to "give up something," but I feel like letting this go in my routine and schedule could open up more time for quiet and more time for listening to God.

I hope you'll join me, and look to find a new rhythm in this Christmas season.